Q & A

Why do you want to be Cabarrus County Sheriff?

I have lived in Cabarrus County for Thirty years and during all of those years I have been involved with the law enforcement efforts in this community.  I know the hard work and dedication that men and women in law enforcement possess in this county and the high level of cooperation between agencies. This county has undergone many changes during those thirty years and its because of the dedication and cooperation of the law enforcement professionals that Cabarrus County is a safe play to live, work and raise a family. I am proud to have played a role in that effort during all those years.  I have a strong connection to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office and knew I wanted to be a part of that agency when I retired as a state law enforcement officer. The position of the Sheriff is an important one that serves every citizen of this county in one way or another. I decided to run for the office of Sheriff because I know that my experience, training, and managerial skills will be valuable tools in moving the office to the next level as our county grows.  We have to maintain a safe community to continue to have an environment that fosters economic growth, provides safe schools, and security in our homes. I want to lead that effort and I know that I have the leadership skills to accomplish those goals.

What are the most important roles of a Sheriff?

One of the most important roles of a Sheriff is to ensure that the laws of this state and ordinances of this county are enforced to ensure order and safety for all citizens. The Sheriff must be knowledgeable with not only the letter of the law but also its application. Without this knowledge and experience our county can be exposed to legal liability that can result in significant financial consequences. The Sheriff also has a key role in making sure our courthouse is secure and open to the public, that the detention center is well managed and meets all state mandated guidelines and that civil processes that are vital to safety, business, and the judicial process are executed according to North Carolina law. The Sheriff must also be accountable to the citizens of the county. This includes financial, personnel and enforcement accountability. The Sheriff must demonstrate the ability to manage all these roles along with many more. Ultimately the Sheriff works for the citizens of this county and must never forget that role.

Why did you decide to make Cabarrus County your home?

When I first came to Cabarrus County, I found it to be one of the most welcoming communities I had ever lived in.  Cabarrus County was new to me, I knew no one when I first arrived, but found so many wonderful people willing to help me become a member of the community. I quickly realized that so many things that I wanted in a home, were right here in Cabarrus County.  Thirty years later, I am proud to call it my home, where I have lived longer than anywhere else in my life. This wonder placed has allow me to raise two great daughters and spend the last 28 years with my lovely wife.



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