Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office

Lieutenant James Bailey, Patrol Division

“Many of you know that for many years I explored running for Sheriff, to the point that I initially announced my intention to run back in January. My intentions were clear…I wanted to work hard for the men and women who put on the uniform every day. I believed that I would be the advocate that they so desperately deserve. I reached a point one afternoon when I questioned whether running for Sheriff was the right thing for me to do. I was tormented believing that I was the only answer to the problems that face our agency, now and in the future. So, that afternoon I contacted Van and spoke with him about my concerns regarding our office and I communicated to him my concerns about his running for Sheriff. I was not prepared for the responses he had to my questions. Let me make this point very clear….he absolutely set my mind at ease! He answered each of my questions with an ease and with a level of professionalism that I have found is unmatched by anyone. I found him to be genuine, honest and tuned in to the concerns and issues that I presented to him. After the conversation I had with Van, I posted on Facebook my intent to withdraw from the election. I felt completely at ease with the decision knowing that I was not the only person running who would be the warrior and advocate all of us deserve. Contrary to what some may believe, he is bringing with him a mindset and a viewpoint which is fresh and exciting and unlike anything you have experienced before. My fighting for you is not over, in fact, it is just beginning. You can rest assured that I will always fight for you and you can rest assured that Van Shaw as your Sheriff will fight for you as well! We have some difficult times ahead of us and I will be there with Van helping him come up with the solutions to the problems facing our agency. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Who do you want to represent you in the future?” For me, the answer is clear… Van Shaw for Sheriff! Lt. James N. Bailey Serving the citizens of Cabarrus County since March 23, 1995. If you have any questions about this endorsement, please feel free to contact me.”

Detective April Samples, Criminal Investigations Division

“I feel compelled to write this letter of endorsement for Cabarrus County Sheriff Candidate Lt. Van Shaw. I began my career at Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) in 1994. Van was working with the SBI but shared office space with the guys in our Vice Narcotics Division at CCSO. Therefore, Van has been a part of us at the CCSO for a long time. Van eventually became the NC Deputy Director of the SBI, the position he retired in. Three years ago, Van accepted the Lieutenant’s position in the Criminal Investigations Division at the CCSO. As a squad, we had no idea what to expect except that many of us already know him and knew he was a nice guy. Van turned out to be so much more than a nice guy. He jumped in immediately by sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with us. I’ve never learned so much from anyone in my 24 years of law enforcement experience. Van is intelligent, progressive and hands-on. Van is the first to offer his help whether it be executing a search warrant, conducting an interview, or stepping up to speak to family members who are the experiencing the loss of a child or other loved one. Van Shaw treats everyone fairly and with respect. He has made it a point to become actively involved with the Cabarrus County Mental Health Task Force, Mothers of Murdered Offspring, Cabarrus Leading for Equity and, especially close to my heart, Cabarrus County Human Trafficking Task Force. I primarily investigate crimes against children. Van Shaw is an advocate for children and has worked alongside me to make sure that sex offenders are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Van has brought in the tools we need to capture online predators of our local children by applying for and receiving grants to update our Computer Forensics Lab at no cost to the agency or taxpayers. The improvements to our lab have enabled our agency to process electronic evidence that has led to the apprehension and arrest of numerous child predators as well as suspects in other major crimes.

There is absolutely no comparison when it comes to who the most qualified candidate is for sheriff of Cabarrus County. I care deeply for the agency that I’ve worked for all these years. Van is the only candidate with 30+ years of law enforcement experience. He is also a faithful husband and father who is dedicated to the field of law enforcement and the citizens of Cabarrus County. I can’t possibly list all of Van Shaw’s attributes in the letter so please follow the links I’m sharing to learn more. Van is one of the good guys and I’ve never once heard him brag or tell war stories so I will brag on him! Please cast your vote for Van Shaw to ensure that CCSO’s reputation is maintained to the highest level. Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally for more information!”

Captain Monty Sellers, Patrol and Investigation Division

“When I had started at the Sheriff’s Office in 1990, Van Shaw was assigned to our office as the agent from the Special Bureau of Investigation. We conducted many investigations and search warrants together. He was always professional and had the best interest of the citizens in mind. We started our special response team (SRT) in 1997 and I along with Sheriff Riley were the first ever team leaders. We had really good officers on the team but had no idea how to operate. At that time, Van Shaw was a leader on the SBI’s team and offered to come and train our team. We went through many weeks of training and even went to Kinston NC and trained in abandoned houses. Van Shaw was instrumental in developing the sheriff’s office SRT and we will always be grateful. When he retired from the SBI, he was given the opportunity by Sheriff Riley to lead our Criminal Investigation Division, and he accepted with great enthusiasm. Over the past 3 years, he has completely energized our CID, and his subordinates love working with him. When it’s time to vote for Sheriff, please remember Van Shaw. There is no better candidate for our office or the citizens of Cabarrus County. I’ve been with the sheriff’s office for 28 years and I endorse candidate Van Shaw for Sheriff, thank you, Captain Sellers.

Detective Terry Starnes, Vice/Narcotics Division 

“My name is Terry Starnes and I have worked in law enforcement in Cabarrus County for 25 years. While I respect the law enforcement service of every candidate that has served, I feel that only one candidate has the knowledge and work experience to run a large law enforcement agency like the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office and that is Van Shaw. Do your own research about each of the candidates’ qualifications and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion.”

Sergeant Michael Kluttz, Patrol Division 

“My name is SGT Michael Kluttz and I am a 14-year veteran of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office, Patrol Division. I wanted to write you and express my unwavering support for Van Shaw to serve as the next Sheriff of Cabarrus County. Van Shaw’s leadership and law enforcement experiences speak for themselves; from his time in
the NC National Guard to his tenure as Deputy Director at the SBI, and currently as the Lieutenant over the Criminal Investigation Division at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. He has continually worn a badge and served others for more than 30 years. I have worked closely with him since he began working at the Sheriff’s Office 3 years ago, and I can personally attest to his leadership attributes, his professional ethics, and his knowledge as a law enforcement professional; all of which are beyond reproach. My family has called Cabarrus County home since 1792 when it was first established. My wife and I have proudly chosen to raise our family here. My ties to and love of this community run deep and are the driving force in my endorsement of Van Shaw for Sheriff of Cabarrus County. His law enforcement leadership is what the citizens of our county need and deserve!”

Detective Josh Helms, Criminal Investigations Division

“As a Detective of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Lieutenant Van Shaw, it is my privilege to give my endorsement for Van Shaw for Sheriff of Cabarrus County. Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to truly get to know Van both personally and professionally, and with utmost sincerity can attest that his integrity, professionalism, knowledge, and leadership are exhibited daily. The experience and qualities Van retains are second to none in what you would pursue in Cabarrus County’s Chief Law Enforcement Official. Van has dedicated his life to the service of the public through his law enforcement career and military service as well as the training and education of law enforcement officers across the state through instruction in a multitude of law enforcement disciplines. The Office of the Sheriff entails much more than just managing people and enforcing the law and Van is the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to oversee an entire agency of 300 plus personnel and with it, the public’s interest, interest of current and future officers, day to day operations, large diverse budget, resources, future, and overall mission of the Sheriff’s Office. Van’s professional experience alone undoubtedly supersedes any other candidate, but it’s his leadership, principles, ethics, and integrity that make him exceptionally suited for the Office of Sheriff. Van values the protection and safety
of Cabarrus County, our communities, and most importantly the people we hold dear in our lives and has the knowledge, experience, and qualities that the Office of Sheriff requires and will unquestionably continue to devote his-self to serving our community as he has done for over 30 years. I encourage you to attend one of Van’s events so you can personally meet Van, see why he is the best candidate, and join me in voting for Van Shaw for Cabarrus County Sheriff in the upcoming election.”

Lieutenant LuAnn Andrews, Youth Development Division 

“My name is LuAnn Andrews. I am writing this letter to extend mine and my family’s support for Cabarrus County Sheriff candidate Van Shaw. I have known Lieutenant Shaw for 22 years and am very proud to work with him at the Sheriff’s Office. While we have not always worked together I have known him for those 22 years in a law enforcement capacity. Most of you already know that Lt. Shaw worked for the NC State Bureau of Investigations and for a period of time shared our offices at the Sheriff’s Office. I feel with the background we have together I am very qualified to speak on his behalf. Van Shaw is a man of integrity and love for his county. I could go on and on about his accolades serving this state and county but the point is that he is the best qualified to lead the Sheriff’s Office. He is the one that TRULY has the heart of the Sheriff’s Office, the officers, and the citizens of this county as his main priority. I have spoken to him on several occasions about his plans for the future of the department and it always brings calm to me knowing he has the county’s best interest at heart. I am not only an officer at the department but I also am a citizen of this county and as a citizen I want the Sheriff’s Office to be led by the best candidate possible. My duty at the Sheriff’s Office is Lieutenant of the Youth Development Division (School Resource Officers). This is my passion serving Cabarrus County and the youth of our county. Everyone reading this is well aware of the violence that we have seen in our country relating to schools and it is a scary climate right now for parents and students everywhere. Lt. Shaw and the detective division often work very closely with our SRO’s to assist with various situations that involve school issues. He is always quick to offer us assistance whenever, wherever needed. He has taken time to learn about the SRO’s and what their duties and responsibilities involve. He genuinely cares about the children and their safety and making sure our SRO program rises above and does everything we can to protect YOUR children and students. He intends to continue and improve on the level of training each School Resource Officer receives. Although this letter is intended to support Van people need to understand that the SRO program is very important to this county and our citizens and some of the candidates running for Sheriff do not have the correct knowledge of this division. I have read about getting our SRO’s better training on various topics but what they don’t know is we already have training and continue to train on all those topics. One candidate stated he wants to get SRO’s “nationally trained”, I have been an SRO or SRO supervisor for almost 19 years and there is not such a thing as “nationally trained”. That is the difference between Van Shaw and the other candidates, he has done his background work, he has spent time learning each division in the department, he knows what works and what may need some tweaking and changing for the future of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office and OUR county. I have no doubt that VAN SHAW is the best man to be the next Sheriff of our great county! I am excited for our future under his leadership!!!! Lt. LuAnn C. Andrews Officer and Citizen of Cabarrus County.”

Sergeant Keith Wensil, Patrol Division 

Recently I have had many questions asked of me about the upcoming Sheriff’s election for Cabarrus County.  The choice is clear if you look at each candidate’s qualifications and experience. I have known Van Shaw since I began working for the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office back in 1992.  Since coming to know Van Shaw, I have had the utmost respect and admiration for a man that I found to have moral fortitude second to none. Since that first class that Van taught (High Risk Apprehension) back around 1996, I knew then that this was a man of integrity and professionalism.  As many of you know when the current Sheriff Brad Riley announced that he would be retiring after this year, I reached out to some of you about James Bailey who, at the time, was considering running as a candidate for Sheriff. James and I had many conversations before he decided to withdraw his name as a candidate and support Van Shaw.  Among those conversations, we spoke about which candidate would be the best choice if he were not in the race. There was no doubt that the best candidate would be Van Shaw. Van’s long list of qualifications, from his law enforcement experience (SBI Agent, Deputy Director of the State Bureau of Investigation, Cabarrus County Lieutenant over Investigations, to his time serving our country in the military) has molded Van into the perfect candidate for the position of Sheriff of Cabarrus County.   I challenge anyone who does not know Van Shaw to go out to one of his meet and greets and get to know him. You will find someone who is attentive to the needs and concerns of the citizens of this county and someone who will listen and respond with a high degree of intelligence and poise. He is a highly qualified law enforcement officer with both moral fiber and character. My family supports Van Shaw for Sheriff of Cabarrus County and I hope you will as well!!”

Tommy Furr, Retired

“I wanted to let the people of Cabarrus County know the reason I am supporting Van Shaw for Sheriff. Back in the late eighties’ Van was a young State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) agent. He was assigned to Cabarrus County. He had an office with our criminal investigation department (CID). I worked with Van every day for three years. He worked every case the same as we did, no matter how minor or how big — Drugs, Homicide, Breaking and Entering it didn’t matter. Van has always been loyal to the people and officers of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s office. The thing that made Van so special is that he has great leadership abilities and worked well with everyone. Van has worked to establish relationships with Concord Police, Kannapolis Police Departments, as well as the citizens of the county. Everyone that has worked with him only has good things to say. Through the years Van worked his way up through the ranks of the SBI, with proven results and commitment to law enforcement and service to the community of Cabarrus County. He retired from the SBI and wanted to continue to serve his community, by joining the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. He has brought a ton of law enforcement experience, knowledge and leadership to the Sheriff’s Office. I was excited he was back and that the men and women serving in law enforcement had the opportunity to learn from him and work side by side with him. Van is a family man and chose to raise his family in Cabarrus County. I wanted to share this information with you because there’s no doubt that Van would make Cabarrus County a great Sheriff. As long as I can remember, this county has always had a great sheriff and with Van as sheriff, that legacy would continue. Thanks, and please help the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office make Van Shaw the next great sheriff.”

Bernie Loos, Retired

“Prior to my retirement, I worked directly for Lt. Shaw. Integrity and honor is the coin of the realm he operates in. I’m looking forward to being part of his campaign team. His leadership and management skills will benefit the office of Sheriff. He is a servant leader and has no hidden political agenda. His goal is to serve all the people of Cabarrus County with impartiality and fairness. He isn’t a politician but a law officer’s law officer. I encourage you to vote for Van Shaw and support him as he presses towards the 2018 election. Thank you.”

Tony McGuire, Retired

“Just a note from Tony McGuire, retired Chief Deputy of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office, in support of Van Shaw for Sheriff. I have known and had the pleasure of working with Van Shaw at the Sheriffs Office for many years. Even though he was employed at the State Bureau of Investigations, he was assigned to the Cabarrus Sheriffs Department to assist in any area needed. I have always known him to be not only very professional but also a common sense person with the ability to deal with every aspect of law enforcement and life in general. It was always a pleasure working with Van when I was assigned to the detective division and knowing we had his expertise when needed. I worked for J.B. Roberts when he was Sheriff, Robert Canaday, and Brad Riley. All were very honorable, professional, Sheriff’s who always had the best interest of the Cabarrus County Citizens in their heart 24 hours a day. We are fortunate again to have someone with the knowledge, the professional attitude, and caring heart such as Van Shaw running for Sheriff of Cabarrus County who I know will continue the commitment that all the other Sheriffs have had for the Citizens of Cabarrus County.

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