Police Departments

Butch Arthur, Retired Concord Police Department

“I have worked with Van Shaw over the years when I was with Concord Police Department and I found Van to be one of the best officers around. He was an SBI Agent when I worked with him and he was very smart and a very honest person. I look forward to Van Shaw being the next sheriff of Cabarrus County. He has my support 100%.”

Tony Gulledge, Retired Kannapolis Police Department, Law Enforcement Trainer

“To all Cabarrus County Voters: I am Tony Gulledge, a retired Police Officer and now a Law Enforcement Trainer. I am writing to recommend Van Shaw as a candidate for Sheriff of Cabarrus County. I have known Van Shaw for over 30 years and in fact, because of getting to know him, his character and his work ethic, I am proud to say I support his candidacy for Sheriff of Cabarrus County. Van approaches the position of deputy sheriff with great enthusiasm, respect and confidence and his service in his current position as a Lieutenant for the Criminal Investigations Unit has earned him the respect of his peers. Van is not only an employee of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s office but a retiree from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) where he was a proven leader in many areas of the organization. Please accept this recommendation as my endorsement of Van Shaw, whom I consider in the highest regard as being professional, diligent, a conscientious public servant that works well with others to serve the people he represents. Over my career as a police officer for the City of Kannapolis, I had the opportunity to observe the actions of many individuals in my profession locally and statewide through my involvement in working with all the surrounding local agencies, State Bureau of Investigation, DEA, US Customs, US Postal Services, ALE, and the US Marshals Office. During these years I have gotten to know Van well, especially during time’s we served together working various joint cases and his unit’s response to disassemble methamphetamine labs, working various drug cases, and murder investigations. I always regarded Van as a leader in whatever case he was assigned to work. I found his reasoning on issues always to be sound, fair and most important, always to be considerate of the people we serve. From my conversations with Van on a personal level I have found him to be gracious and of strong family values. Van is committed and dedicated to his family, proving to me that if he makes a commitment he believes in, he will carry it through. In summary, I encourage you to vote for Van Shaw for Sheriff of Cabarrus County. I believe there is no other who will outwork, be more fair or resolute in the approach of his position and will always keep the citizens of Cabarrus County foremost in his thought process. Van Shaw for Sheriff of Cabarrus County.”

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